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History of Wakelight Technologies, Inc.

History of Wakelight Technologies, Inc.

Humble Beginnings

Joy Hess started Wakelight Technologies as a sole proprietor in 1995, and the company has been on a steady rise ever since. From the onset, Ms. Hess established Wakelight as a respected presence with the Hawaii's Department of Defense customers. In 2001, the Small Business Administration certified Wakelight Technologies as an 8(a) business, significantly expanding the firm's potential customer base. Even greater potential expansion was realized a year later when Wakelight Technologies was Chapter S incorporated. That same year Wakelight became a subcontractor to Electronic Data Systems (EDS) on the Navy Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI).

Accelerated Growth

Within 18 months, Wakelight Technologies grew from a sole proprietor to a corporation employing 40 technical and administrative professionals with a focus in Information Technology. By 2005, Wakelight Technologies, Inc. had earned its first 8(a) award and prime contract to the federal government to provide professional services including Strategic Planning and Program Management for the U.S. Navy in Hawaii. Wakelight's excellent performance led to a significant contract base in the Navy Region and continues to be a major source of revenue and repeat business.

Reputation for Excellence

Wakelight's reputation for quality service and support spread throughout Hawaii and across the Pacific region resulting in greater expansion and diversification. Between 2007 and 2009 Wakelight branched out into Engineering, Telecommunications and Cyber Security. The U.S. Navy awarded a contract to Wakelight for Engineering Technical and Quality Assurance assistance for all aspects of a new 240,000 square facility with road and bridge construction requirements. The U.S. Navy also awarded a contract for Engineering Recruitment services to support the buildup in Guam. In 2009, the U.S. Navy awarded Wakelight a contract for resource energy management services focused on significantly reducing the energy consumption within the Region at all Navy facilities. This contract was augmented in 2010 to include services to reduce Navy ship energy consumption in port through development of programmatic processes and procedures and training. Wakelight continued to expand across the Pacific Rim and Asia through contracts in Kwajalein Marshall Islands, Japan and Guam for Information Technology and Cyber Security support.


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